The Ledford's

The Ledford's
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Showers, Appointments, Furniture - Oh, my!

Ledford Shower
This past weekend we had the Ledford Baby Shower. Wow! They started a library for the babies. How perfect! We have an entire shelf of books that they will love so much! The tables were decorated with diaper merry-go-rounds, diaper cakes, etc. It was so cute. Thanks for all those diapers too! I think that was one of Shane's favorite parts.
It was just so nice to have everyone together from the Ledford crew along with my Mom, Sara and Aiden!

Dr. Appointment
On Tuesday, I went to our regular appointment. Dr. Teter made my day! He said I could still get a date to the prom! :) We just love his humor. He said that everything is looking good and that we are right on track. We go back on 9/15 for baby measurements and the standard check-up. From that point, we will be going weekly. I just can't believe how fast this has gone. I feel truly blessed to feel as good as I have throughout this pregnancy. We will just keep saying our prayers that we can stay on track to week 37! We thank everyone so much for all your prayers, love and support. We can't wait to introduce the babies to you!

Finally, the furniture will be delivered on Tuesday! This will really make it feel official. Two cribs and a changing table will fill up the room pretty quickly. I am just excited to wash everything and get it into place. From there, we just need to figure out bedding. That won't happen until they arrive so we have some time for that!

We are officially at week 32. We will be updating soon with pictures from the showers (I have to get those from my Mom).

Have a great long weekend!
Ash & Shane


Andrea said...

Yay! My brother & sister-in-law just welcomed their identical twin girls TODAY! She made it to 36 weeks (could've made it longer, but got ICP)! Good luck on the rest of yours! I'll be saying some prayers and thinking of you!

Brooke said...

You will love the twin pack and play! Our twins still sleep in it ... Best. Thing. Ever.