The Ledford's

The Ledford's
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Babies Update

Hello! Shane and I have been VERY busy with appointments, showers, furniture deliveries and just 'normal' every day life. We are getting excited for their arrival but VERY nervous for our new 'normal.'
We had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and everything is going well. Dr. Teter said that he is very pleased with their growth. They are weighing in around 5 pounds each! Maybe they will be Roth's after all! :) Now I understand why I am uncomfortable sitting and sleeping at night! He said there is still PLENTY of room for the babies so we are looking at week 38 (which is the week of October 11). I am feeling really good. Just BIG! :)
This past weekend Melissa and Katie drove up from southern Indiana to get together before the babies arrive. We met Carrie at Zest for lunch. Here is a picture. Thanks for the baby supplies. Shane and I are so blessed with loving friends and family!Shane and I went and looked at another day care option today. We have put a deposit down at a center facility that we are very happy with but it is pretty expensive. We are just looking at some other options that would allow us to 'save' for those unexpected things. However, we are having a difficult time finding and I am getting frustrated. It would be nice to just be able to find something that we felt comfortable with. If anyone has any recommendations or suggestions on how to search for in-home, licensed day cares, we'll take it! I have been looking at and the government site.
We are looking forward to going up north for the weekend. This is probably our last trip until the babies arrive. There is a lot going on this weekend - Winamac's Homecoming, Francesville Fall Fest, the Fletcher cook-out and Maggie's bridal shower. Can't wait!
Love to all!
~Shane and Ash

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