The Ledford's

The Ledford's
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Visit to the Specialist - 4/16

Shane and I went to St.Vincent's Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetic Center today to meet with a specialist. The reason for the appointment was to determine whether or not the babies were developing in their own amniotic sac or if they were developing in a single sac as originally thought.
Fortunately, the test determined the babies are developing w/in their own sac while sharing one placenta, thus the "identical" part of twins. All of the doctors have been upfront in explaining the high risk nature of an identical twin pregnancy. However, with the babies being in their own sac, it allows the doctors to develope a different (hopefully better) 'plan' to the pregnancy.
Even though it is a benefit to have each baby developing w/in it's own sac, the sharing of one placenta can sometimes lead to complications. A common problem that occurs is when one baby 'over powers' the other getting more nutrients thus developing faster while the other baby falls behind developmentally. Because of this doctors will need to monitor their development closely.
We've been told several times there's nothing "magical" that can be done to change the situations of identical twin pregnancy. I need to eat healthy, take my vitamins & leave the rest up to God & the doctors. So that is what we are going to do!
Well, here are a few AMAZING pictures (3D and regular) of the babies. Enjoy!

Baby A

Baby A - stretching legs

Baby B

The Twins!


Steuer Family said...

Glad they are in their own sacs. Definitely much safer this way. This was how our twins were also. Cannot wait to find out boys or girls--are you going to find out when you can?

Heather said...

Those are amazing pictures!! Happy to hear the good news!!

Anonymous said...

The 3D images are so cool! We'll continue to pray for their healthy growth!