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The Ledford's
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doctor Visit - 4/14/09

Today, Tuesday, April 14, Shane and I had our second doctors appointment. I was definitely nervous and excited at the same time. Shane can share my crazy story later... Our appointment was with Dr. Teter. He is great. He is up-front with what we need to be aware of during our pregnancy but also has the humor that you don't normally see from doctors. Shane really connects with him too. We have to see all 4 doctors in the practice but the past two visits, we have met with Dr. Teter and really like him.
Our visit went really well. We saw both babies and they are VERY active. They were moving around and kicking. It was as if they were playing with each other!
We were told that it looks like the babies are in separate amniotic sacs. Dr. Teter isn't sure if it just wasn't as pronounced during the first visit or if they just missed it. However, we are going to see a specialist before our next appointment to confirm the babies are in their own sacs.
If this is the case, it is a big relief. Our pregnancy will still be high-risk but the doctors along with Shane and I will go about it in a different way. We'll know more by the next visit. All I know is that I am glad that the babies are safer being in their own sacs. Being in separate sacs will allow them develop easier than when sharing.
We will know more after our visit with the specialist and post more then.
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!
Ashley and Shane


Andrea said...

Yay for good doc. appt's.!

Anonymous said...

So glad the appointment went well!

Brooke said...

Keep up the good work! Every doctor's appointment is a milestone! I am so excited for you, being pregnant with twins is one of the hardest but most incredible things I have ever done. You will be fantastic!! Keep us posted often!

mom said...

Ashley and Shane,
We continue to say our prayers daily. We love you both and are blessed.