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The Ledford's
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Monday, August 5, 2013

A Weekend Filled with Fun at EVERY Turn!

Boy do we live it up on the weekend!?!?! I feel like since both of us work, like many families do, we try and squeeze so much into the weekend. I want my kids to do fun things...I want to do fun things with them! I've said it before and I'll say it again that I am away from them during the day while at work and as soon as the work day is over, I am going to spend every second with them. I LOVE watching them discover new things, ask questions, and play. 

Here are some pictures from the past couple weekends.

 Amelia "ironing" her fancy dress at Nanny's House.

Brennley got to be the "bride!"

Yep, this is Hudson climbing from the couch onto the side table.

On Saturday while Shane went to the office, we headed to the library.
Brennley and Hudson were playing on the learning wall.

 Amelia and Hudson admiring the fish in the sunk ship.

Saturday afternoon we took the kiddos to Eagle Creek Park for a L-O-N-G 
bike ride. It was a lot of fun! They fed a duck during one of the breaks.

On Sunday, Grandma and Papa came down to go to the GREAT
Indiana State Fair. The girls loved the "sheeps."

This is the second largest boar in the world. I don't think the kids
could really figure it out because it was so HUGE and it just laid there
while people took pictures of it. It was disgusting! 

Mom and Hudson watching the girls on some rides.


Shane and Hudson


For some reason, the girls thought this Jockey Statue was pretty special. ;)


Hudson was in HEAVEN in the tractor lot. I swear he sat on 3/4 of the tractors!
It made us laugh because back in the day, this was Tyler and Parkers favorite location at the Fair.

Not sure who enjoyed it more?

Papa thinks he needs this one for the pumpkin patch...Mom?
I agree with Dad! :)

We hope that your weekend was as fun as ours.

We're off on another adventure this weekend. Stay-tuned for pictures. It's going to be a BLAST!
The Ledford's

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Carrie said...

Of course, I LOVE this post! We went for our second time today and will be out there again Wednesday. You can't beat the weather ... perfect for the fair right now.