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The Ledford's
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Not that our blog gets a lot of traffic but I feel that this post is well-deserved. Last Friday night, a record was broke. It's not just any old record. It's a record that was held by my brother, Tyler, since 2000 - Career Rushing Record. Ty held the record with 3,220 yards a decade ago.

Shane's right. As an athlete, you want to be the best and holding a record like that says something. What a great achievement! I know that Ty was with us on Friday night in spirit. I just wish that he could have congratulated Eric in person.

Congratulations Eric!

Eric Sass
Career Rushing Record Holder
Winamac Community High School

You have worked so hard and from what I have heard, you are a very deserving young man.
Keep up it up and we look forward to seeing you on the field Friday night!

Records are meant to be broken - Memories last a lifetime!

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