The Ledford's

The Ledford's
Shane, Ashley, Brennley, Amelia & Hudson

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our First Week at Home

We have been home for a few day and all is going well. We have experienced a lot in just these past few days - burps, spit-ups, blowouts and my first sleepless night since college! :) You'll see that we have had lots of visitors too! Thank you for all the cards, food, goodies, gifts and PRAYERS. Here are some pictures to enjoy. We'll do our best to keep pictures coming!
Shane and Ashley

Shane and Pam "Grams"

Aunt Sara

Dad (Papa), Mom (Grandma), Aiden and the Girls


Brennley and Amelia

Amelia and Brennley

Going Home!

4 Generations
Great Grandma Margaret, Mike (Grandad), Shane and the Girls

Breanne and Amelia

Brooklin and Brennley

Papa and Brennley

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Anonymous said...

I'll text you soon, but we want to come over and meet them ... and bring you a meal! Love the pics ... keep them coming!