The Ledford's

The Ledford's
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Growing Belly

Last night Shane and I were in the kitchen making dinner (nothing delicious, that's for sure) and he said, "Lets start taking pictures of your belly." So, here is my belly a little over 14 weeks. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow!

As you can tell, it was at the end of the day and I looked pretty tired! He also took one of my bare belly but I told him we are not sharing those with the world! :)

You'll hear more from us next Thursday with an update from the doctors appointment! Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Mother's Day wonderful mommies!



Andrea said...


emmalee said...

Yessss! Finally :)

The Hoppenjans Family said...

Cute shirt!! =) I'm SOO glad you can wear it!!