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Monday, July 7, 2014

When Daycare is Closed...

When our daycare closed for 2.5 weeks so she could go on vacation to celebrate her daughters recent graduation (masters) from Mississippi State, what does a family do? Well, we call in the troops and get to play, play, PLAY!

Thankfully, my parents (Grandma & Papa), (Aunt) Summer and Shane's parents (Grams & Grandad) were able to come down for a few days at a time.
This is how the time was spent...

Wednesday - Friday
Grandma & Papa
Wednesday - arrived :)
Thursday - played at the house all day
Friday - took the kiddos to Target. Amelia convinced Grandma that she needed a new bikini because her other one lost the stretch. She said she wanted it to be orange. Grandma found a tankini but that wasn't what Amelia had in mind. She wanted a BIKINI. I about died when I pulled up in the drive to see my daughter wearing this...

As parents, they would have NEVER allowed their daughter to wear it but as grandparents, everything is cute, right!?!?! From the moment the put them on, I think the girls wore swimsuits for 5 days straight!

When I pulled in on Friday, I was hoping to go to dinner but they looked completely exhausted and left shortly after. I think that Dad's be was calling him! ;)

Sunday - Wednesday
We had the pleasure of having Aunt Summer and Car-Car in town. I don't believe they left the house once but the kiddos loved every second of it. They had camp-outs every night and played hard every-single-day! JJ didn't make the trip which bummed the girls out but Car-Car did a great job keeping the girls entertained. Hudson ADORES him so he loved every second.

Grams and Grandad came down to wrap up the week. I had to work late Thursday for an event so dinner was up to Shane. By the time I got home (9ish) everyone was outside getting ready to go for a walk. It was fun and who needed to follow rules when guests are in town, right!?!?!

The following week, I got to spend the whole week at home with the kiddos. It was AWESOME! The girls had VBS in the mornings. They loved it and we are still dancing and rockin' out to the music. Hudson and I would pick-up 15 minutes early just so we could enjoy the closing session.
After we picked the girls up we would run errands, meet Grandma & Papa after his check-up for lunch, go home and play, play, play.
We were even able to have a play date with the girls' friends from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton at a splash park for some fun. It was so sweet to see the girls reunite. They were all so excited to see each other. It took some awhile to warm-up but my girls couldn't get enough of their buddies!

On Wednesday, when Shane and I headed to Lafayette for Dad's Hall of Fame induction, Mike and Pam came down again to watch the kiddos. They had a date to McDonald's and went for a drive to check out the sites. :)

The 2.5 weeks flew by and honestly, the kids probably are going thru withdraws without having guests at the house. We truly are blessed to have family that is willing to come down to watch the kids. We are so thankful!

Now, we are back in the "normal" routine and the kiddos were so excited to see Lee-Lee and Zarah. They had a wonderful did we!

I hope that you are enjoying your summer as much as we have!

The Ledford's

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