The Ledford's

The Ledford's
Shane, Ashley, Brennley, Amelia & Hudson

Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Weekend of Family Fun!

Hudson & Mommy

Daddy & Hudson

Amelia & Baby Calvin

...and we're off!
Amelia, Brennley & Hudson
Eagle Creek Park

Celebration lunch with Papa & Grandma after his last treatment.
Way to go Papa!

Selfies with Grandma! :)
Amelia, Brennley & Grandma

Hudson going for a ride after picking Mommy up from the airport.
Welcome home Mommy!

Sad to leave our house where we have had so many wonderful memories.
Looking forward to our next chapter!

With all the packing taking place, 
we have discovered some really good hiding spots throughout the house. 
Ready or I come!

Love that they hold hands...
Amelia & Hudson

We LOVE being outside!

Momma and her girls!
Brennley, Mommy & Amelia

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