The Ledford's

The Ledford's
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

This past weekend we were up north celebrating Carter's birthday and EASTER. We had a great time. Mass was so nice even though I was sweating due to wresting 2 little (busy) girls. Between books, sippy cups and golf fish crackers, I was able to enjoy the message and even sing a few of the songs.

I didn't get any pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses. I'll have to grab a few and post them later from my Mom and Dad. I know she has some! :)

The girls L-O-V-E-D hunting eggs. They could be filled with treats or empty, it didn't matter. As long as they could find them and put them in their bucket, they were happy campers. We had a hunt at Summer's after Carter's party on Saturday afternoon. That evening, we went to my Aunt Barb's for the Webb Easter. Then, Sunday, Mom and Dad had a big lunch and egg hunt. By the end, the girls didn't want us to hold their hand or bucket. They were "pros" and wanted to master the hunt on their own. They did quite well. I think they take after their Momma!

Back in the day I was quite the competitive Easter egg hunter. My Grandma Roth and Grandpa Webb had hunts every year for their grand-kids - no matter how old. They made everyone participate but they didn't have to twist my arm. It was always a battle on the Roth side with all those boys and it was just always crazy on the Webb side with money-filled eggs. I was always surprise that nobody was ever taken to the hospital with all the pushing and shoving trying to get ahead of each other coming down the stairs. Fun times!

Now onto new memories and a wonderful weekend filled with lots of family...

A cute expression by Brennley.

Silly Brennley

Silly Amelia

Amelia and Mommy look at her goodies.

We tried all weekend to get the girls' pictures...This goes to show that they were on the go!

Hunting Eggs with Jadyn & birthday boy Carter

Second Successful Egg Hunt
(Amelia & Brennley)

Amelia L-O-V-E-S Eggs!

Papa's tractor rides

Lovin' the tractor rides!

Grandma Lou's Crew
(Minus Parker, Ashley P. and Kadyn)

Aiden and the girls ready for the 2011 Roth Easter Egg Hunt

Brennley keeping the faith during the hunt. haha

Amelia finding MORE eggs.

Brennley looking like ___________?

Some Egg Hunt Video

The Ledford's

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