The Ledford's

The Ledford's
Shane, Ashley, Brennley, Amelia & Hudson

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weekly Update

Hello from the Ledford household! We hope that you are all doing well. I thought I would send you updates on the girls. Really, things are going really well. They are eating 3-4 ounces from the bottle at each feeding plus, they are breast fed. Needless to say, they are growing like weeds. Brennley is a Roth in and out! She looks just like the rest of us. Amelia is a Ledford for sure. She is more petite than Brennley but as of lately she can eat her sis under the table.
We spend our day eating, sleeping, changing diapers - lots of diapers, cuddling and playing. They are WONDERFUL. I do know that we look forward to the day that they sleep at night longer than 2.5-3 hours at a time. Gosh!
Here are a few more pictures from past visits and today (Pretty in Pink). Enjoy!
The Ledfords

We are officially one month tomorrow! Wow! How time flies!!!

Pretty in Pink! Thank you Niki for the adorable boots and matching hats. We love them!
(Brennley, left - Amelia, right)

Brennley Sue

Amelia Ann
Great Uncle Mike and Nanny

Great Grandma Margaret

Aunt Summer and Daddy

Aunt Summer and Carter

Nanny and Popus


Future Babysitter? Jadyn

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